The Downball Game

The Downball Game Drill.jpg

The Downball Game! This is my absolute favorite drill. I use it every practice. Yes, EVERY practice! While some coaches might think using the same drill for every practice would be too repetitive and get boring, my girls are always excited to play this game.

I use this as a warm up drill. It allows players to slowly warm up their arms on their swing, and their reaction time doesn't have to be as quick as it would from an actual front row attack.To run this drill, divide your players into two teams (five vs. five is ideal).

The goal is to practice aggressively attacking downballs from the back row.


  • Enter the ball into play from a freeball tossed across the net.

  • If a team hits a downball over and in, that side rotates.

  • If the team sends a freeball over, or their front row person hits the ball, they do not rotate.

The drill can end after:

a) a team reaches a certain number of rotations,

b) after a team gets a certain number of kills from a downball, or

c) after a certain amount of time.

As I said, I use this as a warm up after stretching, and end after 10-15 minutes before moving into my actual practice.

Pancakers: I'd love to hear your feedback on this drill! Test it out during your next practice and let me know what your experience was like. Don't forget to follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the latest drills from Get The Pancake!